After we’ve shown you our mosaics, it’s time to meet our siren, the newest member of our Fratellos family who has rapidly become one of our bar’s most popular attractions. We are really proud of Fratellos’ artistic touch, which adds authenticity and originality to our bar. We engaged Julijana Voloder, a renowned academic sculptor, who immediately comprehended our vision and used her boundless creativity to create the sculpture of a mythical siren.

Sirens were always concealed in mystery

Sirens are Greek mythological creatures who are the daughters of the god Achelous and the Muse Terpsichore. Their primary distinguishing feature was their magnificent voice, which prompted them to compete in singing with the Muses. Since they lost, the Muses transformed them into monsters with bird bodies while leaving them with lovely feminine faces and great voices. Later, out of compassion, the Muses reversed the enchantment, restoring the sirens’ fishtails and beauty. According to another version of the story, Aphrodite transformed them into birds because they were afraid of love. They moved to islands and enticed sailors with their lovely voices. Although Aphrodite’s enchantment lessened with time, the humiliated and enraged sirens continued to lure victims to their doom. For this reason, sirens frequently represent the temptation and danger of giving in to one’s impulses. Their songs represent fatal allure, a metaphor for the risks of giving in to appealing yet destructive forces. In literature and art, sirens are employed to explore themes of seduction and the conflict between beauty and danger.

Don’t worry, our siren won’t lure you to your doom

After seeing Fratellos’ exterior, Julijana Voloder immediately visualized a marine variant with the main feature – a sculpture of a siren in a somewhat larger human dimension, leaning on an iron railing with the sea in the background. The siren is envisioned as a representative photo spot for guests, playing the role of a guardian of the ocean depths who occasionally stops by and rests on the terrace railing of Fratellos bar, a beautiful and exciting place for entertainment and relaxation. This mythical creature, a beautiful girl with a fishtail, seems to invite and seduce guests with her beauty and mystery. The siren sculpture itself, in collaboration with the head of a woman in shells, elevates the exterior to a higher level in terms of artistic ambiance. The entire work process took about 3 months and required many stages, from the model to the final sculpture made in styrofoam art, which was later coated with special polymers, making the sculpture permanently solid and resistant to all weather conditions.