If you’ve visited Fratellos Prosecco Bar, you’ve surely noticed the enigmatic mosaics adorning the walls within which our bar is nestled. Fratellos tells its story in multiple “languages”: through our selection of premium proseccos, cuisine, the experience and atmosphere we strive to convey to our guests, and of course, the ambiance. In this way, we achieve a synesthesia of all senses, creating a layered experience for our dear visitors and a place that is much more than just having a casual drink. As we love to do things differently and think outside the box, we pondered for a long time how to give a new look to the already beautiful ambiance placed in the old town of Dubrovnik, while simultaneously maintaining its beauty. Mosaics seemed like a perfectly natural “accessory,” so we consulted renowned Croatian artist Tonka Alujević, who has been making mosaics for more than thirty years.

Why a mosaic?

To take you through the story of our mosaics, we spoke to their creator, Tonka Alujević. There are many factors on which creation depends. It is an old, traditional technique, and that is why it blends so fantastically with the surroundings in which Fratellos is located. Furthermore, it is a static and immobile form of art, that is tied to space and cannot be moved. This is precisely why it is important to achieve a measure. The mosaic should not be excessively large or small, and it is crucial to consider how light will fall on it. Depending on the angle, the play of light will change the mosaic and give it a whole different meaning. The idea of enhancing our area while preserving its timeless beauty and charm served as our guide, which is another reason mosaics were chosen. Tonka had the freedom of creativity, although she carefully absorbed our every word during wonderful conversations, and it was her inexhaustible creativity combined with our vision of the bar that was translated into mosaics.

Every mosaic tells a unique tale

A lot of symbolism is hidden in the mosaics that mysteriously „observe“ you from the walls. One of the mosaics is dedicated to the three brothers who founded Fratellos, but also to important women in their lives. Each is unique in its own way, ornamented with a particular sentiment and personality. Here, Tonka Alujević’s distinctive style is evident, giving heavy materials the lightness of watercolor.
The second mosaic, interpolated on a broken capital carved by Juraj Dalmatinac, is dedicated to a pomegranate, a rose hip, a fruit that hides a treasure of rubies beneath a crimson robe. The artist’s own memories served as the source of inspiration for this mosaic. Specifically, three rosehip trees were planted in the vicinity of her home in Hvar. A neighbor unintentionally planted one while giving a pomegranate to her kid, who was suffering from health problems at the time. The boy recovered and his mother lived to a ripe old age, which is why the pomegranate, a sign of prosperity, health, victory, and inner beauty, continued to occupy the artist’s thoughts.
The columns are the artist’s third item featured in Fratellos. Vertical, according to Tonka, signifies pride, accuracy, and responsibility. She used flowery motives and vintage glasses and cups that emerge from the mosaic to hold water for the birds and bees. An interesting anecdote happened as we were discussing mosaics and making preparations. The cat that we fed earlier appeared, so we decided to dedicate her a portrait, along with an interpolated antique saucer from the collection of Tonka’s family items, on which the cat can be served food. It is precisely these motives that give life, a touch of nostalgia and longing, and a feeling of connection with nature and the surroundings in which we live.

Take a look at our mosaics when you visit Fratellos if you haven’t before. Allow them to guide you into their tales or assist you in finding your own.