Many people’s favorite period of the year, summer, is steadily coming. During those few months, life takes on new colors, tastes, and fragrances, and it is associated with vacations, the beach, the sun, and, of course, balmy evenings with a breeze and cocktails. If you’re planning a trip to the charming Dubrovnik this summer, make a stop at Fratellos Prosecco Bar, Croatia’s very first specialty prosecco establishment. Fratellos offers an entire experience, from the drinks selection to the food offer, the bar’s program and activities, and its location in the heart of Dubrovnik’s old town.In addition to the excellent selection of the best prosecco on the market, Fratellos is well-known for its authentic cocktails, which are meticulously created by our bar’s cocktail master. Every summer, one drink goes viral, becoming the season’s big star, and Fratellos reveals its top six summer cocktails, which you will enjoy!

Just like a summer adventure, Fratellos cocktails offer a unique palette of flavors and a sophisticated combination of ingredients. The first in the series, the Smoked Old Fashioned, is a cocktail made with perfectly dosed Monkey Shoulders whiskey and Diplomatico Reserva rum, with a hint of sharpness from Angostura bitter and sweetness from maple syrup. As the name implies, it is a cocktail that combines classic flavors to create a unique harmony, making it the ideal partner for summer nights. The next cocktail is called Fratellos Aperol, and it’s made with Aperol and Hendrick’s gin. The flavors are layered by adding fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg whites. Finally, Angostura bitter adds bitterness to the cocktail. Mediterranean Negroni cocktail brings together the flavors of the Mediterranean in one glass. The foundation of this cocktail is Cocchi Americano, an aromatized wine with fruity and flowery notes and moderate bitter overtones, which, when combined with bergamot liqueur, gin with fig leaves, and mint oil, produces an explosion of fresh but powerful flavors reminiscent of the Mediterranean region.

Hugo will also please you, as it combines St. Germain elderberry liqueur and prosecco, with mint leaves and lime juice adding fresh flavors. Simple yet effective, you’ll fall in love at the first sip. With an intriguing name and an even more intriguing flavor, Woodford Strawberry Sour is on the list of the finest summer cocktails for a reason. It brilliantly blends the seemingly incompatible, resulting in bourbon with a rich flavor – Woodford Reserve, an Italian liqueur with a deep aroma of almonds, vanilla, caramelized sugar, fresh strawberries, and strawberry and egg cream. To “break” the sweetness, lemon juice is added at the end. Rosemary Lemontini, another Mediterranean-inspired cocktail, rounds out the Fratellos cocktail roster. The best combo mixes Gray Goose vodka, limoncello, sugar cane syrup, lemon juice, and rosemary syrup.

Enjoy a cocktail on the divine terrace of the Fratellos Prosecco Bar, located at Ul. Anice Bošković 9a in Dubrovnik.