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Fratellos Prosecco Bar is the first prosecco bar in Dubrovnik. It is owned by three brothers, three pillars, hence the name-Fratellos. The concept of the bar is to combine the unique location of the bar with the unique food, drinks and music experience Fratellos is a whole day experience. Wide variety of breakfast options, drinks, wines, proseccos and cocktails are served all day.
Evenings are usually reserved for shows, live music performances, dancers or events.
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The bar is located in the historic Boninovo area of Dubrovnik, on the main road leading to the Dubrovnik old city and Pile gate. The bar used to be a part of the open-air cinema and offers stunning views of the Adriatic. Boninovo area is one of the most attractive architectural areas of Dubrovnik as it combines churches, private villas, and old mansions in different styles from different historic times.


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